Family, School, and Community Engagement

Teamwork Makes the Education
Dream Work 

Engage families and communities through literacy events, mentoring programs, and take-home learning resources. We'll help equip your team with new and impactful ways to invite families into their child’s learning.

Family Engagement Is an Instructional

Establishing effective practices for high-impact family, school, and community engagement is a key instructional strategy for the most successful districts and Scholastic has proudly partnered with many of them. Our shared approach to this work centers on four research-backed practices:

strong connections with families to boost student achievement

families with resources, knowledge, and confidence


all students and their families with welcoming learning environments


with communities to offer literacy instruction and support


Undeniable Outcomes

The positive impact of effective family and community engagement has been proven by decades of research, recent case studies, and every educator’s firsthand experience. Students with involved families and communities: 

  • Get better grades and score higher on standardized tests 
  • Have better attendance records and are less likely to drop out 
  • Have more positive attitudes about schoolwork and homework 

Renowned Researchers.
Revered Practitioners.

We partner with some of the most respected researchers and practitioners in family, school, and community engagement. These innovative thought leaders and passionate educators apply their research findings and experience to our programs, services, and professional books—equipping our schools and districts with proven strategies to drive real outcomes.

Karen Mapp, Ph.D
Author, Researcher, Educator, Family, School, and Community Engagement Expert

Anne T. Henderson
Founder of and Senior Consultant for the National Association for Family, School and Community Engagement (NAFSCE)

Jacqueline L. Sanderlin, Ed.D
Educator, Author, Speaker, Expert in Developing Meaningful Community Connections

Christian Adair, M.Ed.
Education and Community Engagement Practitioner and Consultant



Linda C. Mayes, M.D
Professor of Child Psychiatry, Pediatrics, and Psychology; Chair of the Yale Child Study Center

Don Vu, Ed.D.
Educator, Administrator, and Author

Solutions and services for at home, in school, and with the community 

Our solutions and services are created to help districts build powerful and effective family, school, and community engagement habits, not moments. We integrate effective practices with the research-backed tools needed to develop your teams, empower your families, engage and welcome all students, and build meaningful community partnerships.

Create a Welcoming School Environment

Elevate Cultural Responsiveness

Grades K–5

Bring authentic culturally relevant texts into your classrooms—so every child can see themselves in the books they read and celebrate the experiences of others.

Enhance Classroom Libraries

Grades K–8

Meet the needs and interests of all students with these engaging and relevant book collections. They’re the ultimate foundation for every classroom library!

Diversify Your Decodables

Grades K–5

Celebrate diverse voices and elevate foundational skills with culturally relevant decodable texts and meaningful phonics practice.

Foster Life Skills

Grades PreK–5


Nurture life skills and well-being with this empowering classroom library featuring take-home books for every student.

Empower Your Families

Make Reading a Daily Habit

Grades K–5

Encourage students to read more with take-home books they can connect with personally.

Make Reading a Daily Habit

Grades K–5

Encourage students to read more with take-home books they can connect with personally.

Get Kindergarten Ready

Grades PreK–K

Send-home books and activities help families build foundational reading and well-being skills before their child's first day of school.

Partner with Your Community

Celebrate Every Family

Grades PreK–3 / Ages 0–9

Empower families to support literacy growth at home with training events that celebrate their cultures and respect their time.

Provide Reading Mentor

Grades K–8

Recruit and equip mentors from your community to support students' academic success and make a lasting impact on their lives.

Support Classroom Learning

Grades PreK–5

Developed with Dr. Karen Mapp, these 90-minute events empower families to extend learning at home with innovative reading and writing activities.

Develop Your Team

Our professional books provide practical strategies and actionable best practices for cultivating strong family, school, and community connections.

Everyone Wins!

The Evidence for Family-School Partnerships & Implications for Practice

Powerful Partnerships

A Teacher’s Guide to Engaging Families for Student Success

The Why Not? Challenge

Say “Yes!” to Success with School-Community Partnerships

Life, Literacy, and the Pursuit of Happiness

Supporting Our Immigrant and Refugee Children Through the Power of Reading

Consultative Planning and Coaching Implementation

Our consultative specialists collaborate with your leadership to establish systemic practices that embed family engagement as a core component of your instructional strategy.

Our coaching teams then partner with staff to develop progress-monitoring tools specific to your goals, tracking participation and providing guidance to help optimize impact along the way. 

Dr. Karen L. Mapp Family and Community Engagement 
Workshop Series

3 full days | In-Person


The Dr. Karen L. Mapp Workshop series focuses on training a team with voices from leadership, instruction, home, and the community. The team will explore family engagement core beliefs, review current practices, and implement a plan for aligning family engagement strategies to academic outcomes.

Family Engagement Assessment 

Multi-Day Visit  |  Virtual or In-Person  

The Family Engagement Assessment (FEA) is a process that measures a school’s capacity for developing effective home-school partnerships and recommends solutions for enriching and prioritizing family engagement practices.

Increasing Student Attendance through Effective Home-School 
Partnership Practices

Six-Hour Session | Virtual or In-Person  

Creating a culture of attendance begins by engaging students and families positively, establishing trust, and creating a sense of belonging. Address chronic absenteeism using data to better understand attendance barriers that families face and implement a tiered system of family support.

Effective Practices to Welcome All Families 

Six-Hour Session | Virtual or In-Person  

Families say that feeling welcome and being treated with respect by school staff is the key to feeling connected to the school. In this session we’ll explore how to welcome families into your school and have dialogue that empowers them to become active participants in their children’s education.

Foundations of Family Engagement 

Six-Hour Session | Virtual or In-Person 

Build your staff’s ability to implement effective family engagement efforts while advocating for the impact of family engagement on student learning. Identify the five process conditions that must be addressed in every family engagement activity.

Foundations and Impact

Research informs everything that we do. We build on research-based evidence and then measure what we’ve built to ensure our solutions are effective. That way our partners have the knowledge and assurance they need when curating programs for their schools and districts.

Research Library

Scholastic R.E.A.L. Foundation Paper

Learn how R.E.A.L. incorporates evidence-based practices to improve students’ relationship with reading through interactive read-alouds, modeling by adults, and increased family engagement.

Home Libraries Topic Paper

Details the importance of creating a literacy-rich home environment for all children and outlines the essential components of a student home library.

Empowering Students and Families to Address Summer Reading Loss 

This case study examines the impact of summer initiatives on student reading scores as well as student and family attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors toward reading.

Fresh Takes on Family, School, and
Community Engagement 

Explore these additional articles and videos from our partners and colleagues.  

Bridging Family and Community Partners to Propel Student Achievement

by Christian Adair, Tina Hike-Hubbard, and Dwaine Millard  

Building Powerful School-Community Partnerships

by Dr. Jacqueline Sanderlin 

Building Partnerships with Families: Where Do We Start? 

by Dr. Karen Mapp

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