Ready4Reading Phonics Program | Grade K-3

Systematic Phonics Instruction Built on the Science of Reading

Ready4Reading is an evidence-based program that combines explicit phonics instruction with knowledge-building decodable texts to truly get students ready for reading in Grades K–3.

Ready4Reading Phonics Program | Grade K-3

Systematic Phonics Instruction Built on the Science of Reading

Ready4Reading is an evidence-based program that combines explicit phonics instruction with knowledge-building decodable texts to truly get students ready for reading in Grades K–3.

Where Evidence Meets Engagement

Ready4Reading is a complete systematic phonics program grounded in the latest Science of Reading research. But what makes it so special are the high-interest instructional routines and decodable texts that spark a love of reading right from an early age.


Systematically and explicitly teach alphabet, phonics, and word study skills.


Practice phonics skills using short decodable text cards.


Build knowledge and apply phonics skills to connected text sets.


Measure progress and inform instruction with two digital assessments.

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Book Title
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Here's How It Works

Ready4Reading features three modules that work together as a comprehensive phonics program or can be purchased separately to support your existing program.

Wiley Blevins Teaching Phonics

Explicit Instruction

Systematically build foundational phonics skills with explicit, code-focused instruction for the whole class.

Short Reads Decodables

Phonics Practice

Practice and strengthen phonics skills with short decodable text cards and aligned small-group lessons.

Read To Know Text Sets

Knowledge & Application

Build background knowledge and apply phonics skills with high-interest decodable text sets on a common theme.

Highly Decodable, Highly Enjoyable

Ready4Reading's decodable texts aren’t just instructional tools. They’re engaging to read and prepare students to make a smooth transition from decodable to natural language texts. 

75%+ Decodability 

Texts target sound-spellings that have been explicitly taught and continually spiral prior skills. 

Nonfiction + Fiction 

A wide range of genres and text types prepare students for more complex texts. 

Culturally Responsive 

Diverse characters and experiences reflect your students' cultures and communities.

Knowledge Building

Connected text sets gradually and cumulatively build background knowledge.

Equity-Driven Assessments

With two powerful assessments, teachers get the data they need to optimize instruction for every child.

Voice Recognition Techonology

Students practice using their voices and, regardless of age or accent, the program returns real-time, skills-level reporting to target instruction.


This adaptive digital assessment delivers a grade-level reading score to help teachers track progress and monitor students’ success on their code-focused learning journey.

All the Data You Need—
in One Place

An intuitive dashboard tracks student data at the individual, group, and classroom levels and provides grouping recommendations to target skills.

Built by Experts. Backed by Research.

To ensure Ready4Reading aligns with the latest Science of Reading research, we’ve collaborated with some of the top minds in phonics instruction.

Wiley Blevins 

Wiley Blevins is the author of Teaching Phonics, K–3. He is an author, educational consultant, and researcher who completed his graduate work at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. A former teacher, Blevins is a respected author of numerous phonics professional books, including Phonics from A to Z, and several phonics and reading programs. 

Dr. Anne Cunningham

Dr. Anne Cunningham is a Professor of Learning Sciences and Human Development in the Berkeley School of Education at the University of California, Berkeley. She is a developmental scientist and educator known for her research on literacy and development across the lifespan in which she examines the cognitive and motivational processes underlying reading ability.

Dr. Tanji Reed Marshall

Dr. Tanji Reed Marshall is a nationally recognized expert on educational equity and educational leadership. She partners with states, school districts, schools, and education organizations to solve complex issues related to educational equity and to ensure that every child receives the excellent equitable education they deserve.

Linda Gutlohn

Linda Gutlohn is a Science of Reading product consultant who is widely known for her expertise with phonics materials and the development of decodable texts. The editorial director and coauthor of the CORE’s Teaching Reading Sourcebook. Gutlohn has over 10 years of experience as an elementary teacher and as a language arts consultant.

See the Evidence

Learn more about the research behind Ready4Reading and how the program puts it into practice.

See Our Scope and Sequence

Teach sound-spelling correspondences in a clearly defined scope and sequence—as recommended by Science of Reading best practices.

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Enhance Your Ready4Reading Experience

Expand the impact of your phonics instruction with resources to complement and enhance your Ready4Reading experience.

Summer Phonics Booster Kits

Supplement and enhance your summer program with explicit phonics instruction and a selection of decodable texts from Ready4Reading.

Ready4Reading Manipulatives

Manipulatives can be purchased separately to enhance hands-on practice with sound-spellings and blending sounds.

Ready4Reading Student Activity Books

25 student activity books cover specific skills such as Alphabet, Short Vowels, Consonant Blends, Digraphs, Long Vowels, Complex Vowels, and Word Study.

Our Stories Decodables

Celebrate diverse voices and elevate foundational skills with culturally relevant decodable texts and targeted phonics practice for Grades K–5.

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