Read and Rise | Grades PreK–3 (Ages 0–9)

When Families Read, Children’s Skills Rise

Read and Rise is an event-based program that teaches families how to draw on their culture and strengths to support their child's literacy growth.

Read and Rise | Grades PreK–3 (Ages 0–9)

When Families Read, Children’s Skills Rise

Read and Rise is an event-based program that teaches families how to draw on their culture and strengths to support their child's literacy growth.

Meet Families WHERE They Are and Celebrate WHO They Are

We believe that a child’s culture and traditions are essential to their literacy development. Read and Rise events welcome and empower every family to use their culture and strengths to fuel literacy achievement at home.

Training for Facilitators.
Affirmation for Families.

We provide the training and materials facilitators need to make Read and Rise a success. By learning how to emphasize family strengths, facilitators encourage every family to play an active role in their child’s literacy journey.

Equip Facilitators

Professional development training and session-specific session materials give facilitators the skills to foster meaningful connections with all families.

Engage Busy Families

Flexible family literacy sessions and a bilingual guide support families through their child's literacy journey.

Embrace Multiculturalism

Read and Rise is available in English and Spanish and includes multicultural books for each family.

How It Works

Families are busy. That’s why Read and Rise offers options for in-person, virtual, and hybrid sessions. It’s never been easier to get busy families engaged, and reengaged.

Core Session

Building Children’s Literacy at Home: Families learn strategies to inspire literacy engagement at home.

Spotlight Session 1

Sharing Family Stories and Traditions: Families discover daily opportunities for family literacy engagement.

Spotlight Session 2

Using Songs and Games to Make Learning Fun: Families learn songs and games for playful literacy practices.

Spotlight Session 3

Find Print Everywhere: Families learn to use everyday texts to strengthen literacy.

Celebration Event

Celebrate and acknowledge families’ commitment to literacy.

See the Research

Explore the research foundation behind Read and Rise.

Home Libraries | Topic Paper

Details the importance of creating a literacy-rich home environment for all children and outlines the essential components of a student home library.

Reading for Life: The Impact of Youth Literacy on Health Outcomes | Topic Paper

Discover the powerful connection between literacy rates and physical, mental, and emotional health.

Kids & Family Reading Report, 8th Edition

The Kids & Family Reading Report is a national survey sharing the views of both kids and parents on reading. The report looks at reading books for fun and the influences that impact kids’ reading frequency and attitudes toward reading.

Explore the Program

Read and Rise is comprised of two components, the Facilitator Kit and Family Participant Kits, each sold separately. Sample the materials from both kits below.

Facilitator Kit

Fully equitable in English and Spanish and includes Ages 0–9 and Grades PreK–3.

Facilitator Guide

Get step-by-step guidance and scripts for each session plus planning support for outreach, promotion, and more.

Digital Resource Website

Access digital-only content such as presentation slides for each literacy session and customizable pacing and promotion resources.

High-Quality Books

Facilitators receive 6 high-interest books, 1 from each age's family participant kit.

Family Participant Kit

Fully equitable in English and Spanish, these kits are available for Infants and Toddlers (Ages 0–2), PreK (Ages 2–5), Kindergarten, and Grades 1, 2, and 3.

English/Spanish Family Guide

Support family learnings from literacy sessions with reading milestones, sample stories for Ages 0–9, and activities for incorporating literacy into daily life.

High-Quality Books

Participating families receive 2 books for the home, representing a diversity of topics and characters.

Enhance Your Read and Rise Experience

Expand your support for families with English/Spanish send-home kits that further encourage families to implement literacy into their daily lives. A perfect complement to the Read and Rise Family Participant Kits.

School Readiness Kit

Help families prepare their children for kindergarten and beyond with English/Spanish picture books, everyday literacy activities, and guidance on reaching each reading milestone.

School Success Kit

These English/Spanish bilingual book and activity kits for Grades K–1 help families support their children’s academic and emotional growth at home.

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