Our Stories Decodables | Grades K–5

A New Series of Diverse Decodables

Celebrate diverse voices and elevate foundational skills with culturally relevant decodable texts and targeted phonics practice.

Our Stories Decodables | Grades K–5

A New Series of Diverse Decodables

Celebrate diverse voices and elevate foundational skills with culturally relevant decodable texts and targeted phonics practice.

Fresh Voices. Innovative Decodables.

Our Stories Decodables are at least 75% decodable and written by creators from Historically Black Colleges and Universities who are passionate about reflecting the true spectrum of student experiences.

“Literacy instruction that is responsive to students’ cultural and linguistic backgrounds has been found to be highly efficacious in accelerating both the literacy development and overall academic development of students.”

It’s Never Too Early to Read About Someone Like You

Kids benefit immensely from seeing themselves in the books they read. Our Stories Decodables make it happen right from the very beginning with decodable texts that target specific sound-spellings and reflect the diversity and experiences of your students.

Culturally Responsive Texts

Each book is a celebration of identity, ensuring students see themselves in the stories they read.


Diverse stories from diverse authors genuinely reflect students and their world.

Educational Rigor

Built on the Science of Reading, each book ensures effective and efficient literacy development.

Inclusive Storytelling

Engaging narratives embrace the full spectrum of student experiences.

Supportive Resources

Comprehensive teacher guides and materials facilitate culturally responsive teaching.

Where Research Meets Representation

Our Stories Decodables is born out of the critical need for culturally responsive education and decodable books that support evidence-based phonics instruction.

Culturally Relevant Education

Based on the work of scholars like Gloria Ladson-Billings, Rudine Sims Bishop, Kirstin Burnham, and Gholdy Muhammad, Our Stories Decodables is an embodiment of literature that nurtures students' cultural identities and academic growth.

The Science of Reading

The Science of Reading underpins the movement toward decodable texts and their critical role in phonics instruction. By merging a science-backed approach with engaging, representative stories, Our Stories Decodables sets a new standard for code-focused instruction.

Meet Our Mentor | Dr. Tanji Reed Marshall

Dr. Tanji Reed Marshall is a nationally recognized expert on educational equity and educational leadership. She partners with states, school districts, schools, and education organizations to solve complex issues related to educational equity and to ensure that every child receives the excellent equitable education they deserve.

Meet Our Authors

Our Stories Decodables are written by creators from diverse backgrounds who understand the importance of authentic representation and prioritize it in each story they write.

Layla Allen
Howard University

Rayven Bryant
Spelman College

Joseph DeGuzman

Ausha Harris
Howard University

Mayah Johnson
Spelman College

Winslow Jones, Jr.
Howard University

Chavi’ Lassiter
Howard University

Nia McCullin

Sean Miller
Howard University

Yvette Manns
Clark Atlanta University

Simon Moore
Howard University

Marty Refugio Pérez
University of Oregon

Quentin Price
Howard University


Howard University

Geena Talley
University of Oregon

Priscilla Torres
Texas A&M University

Gabriela Salaah
(neé Walker)

Howard University

Explore Our Stories for Yourself

Our Stories Decodables supports readers in Grades K-2 and provides additional sound-spelling practice for striving readers up to Grade 6.

24 Student Books

Practice sound-spellings with inviting plots, book formats, and visuals.

Teacher’s Guide

Detailed lessons provide insights for each text and professional tips for educators.

Respond and Write Resources

Book-specific resources encourage critical thinking and expression.

Oral Reading Rubric

Assess and evaluate students' oral reading abilities.

Downloadable Take-Home Books 

Engage families with downloadable versions of each book for at-home reading.

Storage Bins and Labels

Easily organize your new books!

Enhance Your Literacy Solutions

Our Stories Decodables is an integral part of Scholastic's educational framework and works in harmony with these literacy programs.


Our Stories Decodables aligns with the Ready4Reading scope and sequence making them easy to integrate into your structured literacy block.

Rising Voices Libraries

Our Stories Decodables complements Scholastic's Rising Voices collections further enhancing the cultural relevance of classroom libraries.

Our Voices Collections

Our Stories Decodables and Our Voices work together to build foundational reading skills with meaningful, diverse narratives.

Ready to Bring Our Stories into Your School?